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By Cumberland Pointe Dental
November 06, 2020
Category: Oral Health

Dental care preserves your oral health, your systemic health and your smile appearance. At Cumberland Pointe Dental in Noblesville, IN, your dentist is Dr. Jaclyn Ridder. She's like to see you routinely and when you have urgent issues. Here are five signs it's time to visit your dentist.

  1. You cannot remember when you had a professional cleaning. This important prophylactic service does more than polish your teeth and freshen your breath. Your hygienist scales your teeth to remove all the bacteria-filled plaque and tartar, irritants that cause local inflammation that may spread systemically. To ward off gum disease and tooth decay, see your dentist twice a year in Noblesville, IN, for your cleaning and check-up.
  2. You broke a tooth. This is a very urgent situation; call Cumberland Pointe Dental immediately. A staff member will advise you on pain relief, saving the tooth fragments and getting to the office. Your dentist will evaluate the tooth and make the necessary repairs.
  3. You cannot remember the last time you had a professional cleaning and exam. Wow, we really want to see you in the office. A dental prophylaxis is one of the most important things you can do for your health. It wards off cavities, gum disease, tooth loss and the cost of intricate procedures, such as tooth replacement and root canal therapy. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends patients of all ages get a check-up and cleaning semi-annually.
  4. Your gums are bleeding when you brush. This is a sign of dangerous gum disease and cannot be ignored. See Dr. Ridder for an assessment of your periodontal health.
  5. You want straighter teeth. We offer a free Invisalign consultation for teens and adults who wish to improve their oral health and personal appearance through orthodontics. Many people qualify for these customized, removable and discreet acrylic aligners.

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If you think you need to see your dentist, don't wait. Visit us online, or call our Noblesville, IN, office for a convenient appointment with Dr. Jaclyn Ridder and her caring staff: (317) 770- 4783.